Making Waves with Photographer-Surfer Tarish Zamora

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Tarish stands in the surf looking out at the vast ocean. The water flows and crashes around her. Surfers in the line-up feel the energy in the water, anticipating the next wave to ride.

Suddenly, the water swells as they start to paddle out. Tarish assumes her position, digging her feet in the sand and ready to snap the magic moments of surfers riding the waves.

After a couple of clicks, the wave breaks into whitewater and Tarish is caught in the undertow. Clutching onto her camera, the waves send her tumbling and crashing underwater.

The ocean calms down again and the water turns flat. Shaking off that last wipe-out, Tarish comes back into a standing position again ready to catch the next wave of photographs.

Riding the waves

Photo by Tarish Zamora

Tarish Zamora never thought she'd be a professional photographer.

Tarish Zamora

Photo by: Gabbie de Guzman

As an AB Communications graduate from Ateneo de Manila University, Tarish mainly dabbled in TV production fresh from college. She even produced a film after graduating and went on to work for ABS-CBN.

But her interest in photography was always there. Her father's hobby is photography and she'd be fascinated with the cameras he would sometimes bring home. Tarish also took one basic photography class in university. But even then, taking photos was never one of her professional goals.

"Just do it. Don't let your fears get the better of you."

Tarish realized the production profession wasn't for her as she wanted to dive into a more creative role. So when MEGA Magazine looked for a photographer-videographer-editor multi-hyphenate, she went for it, having experienced all three in university.

Tarish Zamora

Photo by Gabbie De Guzman

Tarish Zamora

In Photo: Dagat Abre Sleeve | Photo by Gabbie De Guzman

Tarish claims she wasn't heavily skilled yet at these three roles, but she was set on learning as much as she can, expanding her network, and gaining experience in the industry. As Tarish likes to say, "Just do it. Don't let your fears get the better of you." And so she went, and set to be the best creative professional she could be.


Shooting her shot and never looking back.

Now, Tarish has an amazing portfolio of varying subjects: food, interiors, portraits, fashion, beauty shots, and of course, surfing. Her favorite subjects to shoot are surfers, portraits of women, and coffee (she's a self-proclaimed caffeine nut!)

TZ Portrait Photography

Photo by Tarish Zamora

TZ Coffee Shop Series

Photo by Tarish Zamora

TZ Food Photography

Photo by Tarish Zamora

Photo by Tarish Zamora

It was only at the beginning of 2018 when Tarish fell in love again with photography. When she gazes at a photo, she'll find it beautiful when she feels emotional because of it. This is what she wants people to get out of the shots she takes - to move them.

Tarish feels fortunate to have found a tribe who supports her in her journey to becoming a photographer. With her learning mindset and go-getter attitude, Tarish wants to keep capturing beautiful imagery which evokes raw emotions.

"The best photos of women I take are usually the candid ones. They're at their most naturally beautiful."

When photographing women, she first wants to make them feel comfortable and to let their guard down, especially if they're shy. Refraining from too many posed photographs, Tarish wants to capture women being their natural selves. She likes to say, "The best photos of women I take are usually the candid ones. They're at their most naturally beautiful."

Photo by Tarish Zamora

Photo by Tarish Zamora

Photo by Tarish Zamora

When they're comfortable, that's when their true colors emerge and from there, it's photography magic. Photoshoots peppered with compliments, amazing lighting, and hearty laughs -- these are what's in store if and when you have a photoshoot with Tarish.

Mid-laugh, deep in thought, or engaged in conversation, these are normally the photos which Tarish and her clients like the most. Sometimes, it's the pauses and breaks between each click that are the most beautiful to capture. That's why Tarish just keeps clicking when she photographs her models.


Wave Series by TZ

Catching waves and capturing images in the water, you can find Tarish in several of the country's surfing hotspots: Baler, La Union, and Siargao, to name a few.

Tarish said she has wept with overflowing feelings because of some surfing photos she's seen. She wants to translate these emotions into her own photos. This is why she constantly seeks to improve her craft.

Her surfing photos are her way of reaching out to people who feel stressed out or anxious. "I'd like for my photos to be a reminder for everyone to relax and take a breather every once in a while. To go out into the ocean and play."

Wave Series by TZ

Photo by Tarish Zamora

Photo by Tarish Zamora

"I'd like for my photos to be a reminder for everyone to relax and take a breather every once in a while. Go out into the ocean and play."

Tarish began doing photo series, starting with her Coffee Shop Series. Her current one is her Waves Series, where she takes photographs of surfers and the ocean. She regards taking photos out in the water her alone time. When she photographs surfers and people out at sea, it's just her and her camera.

Tarish has several anxieties about surf photography like smashing her camera, wiping out underwater, and crashing into other surfers.

But these fears are small compared to her desire to take great photos. She doesn't even feel tired battling the waves and guarding her gear. Tarish is too stoked to stop and she doesn't get out of the water until she's satisfied with her shots. The exhaustion doesn't kick in until she turns in for bed after a long day in the water.

Photo by Tarish Zamora

Photo by Tarish Zamora

Given her slew of several clients, Tarish works on personal projects to refine her skills without having to adhere to a particular aesthetic for her photos. That's why she has her photo series.

Her first, the Coffee Shop Series, was also her way of catching up with friends. Plus, this provided exposure to several coffee shops around Metro Manila. Her freelancer friends are constantly on the lookout for good places to work in and her series gave her friends and followers some good recommendations. Plus, this series is also her love letter to coffee.

Photo by Tarish Zamora

TZ Portrait Photography

Photo by Tarish Zamora


Keep Taking Risks, Keep Taking Photos

With her fearless persona and take charge attitude, it's no surprise that Tarish will go far shooting places, waves, and faces. Her advice for people starting out in the creative industry is simple: keep practicing, don't give in to fear, and always be kind.

When you're new in the industry, Tarish recommends collaborating with other artists who are starting out as well and learning from the veterans, just as she had.

"You won't get anywhere if you keep being scared and making excuses."

Tarish first started doing shoots for free with her friends, one a budding make-up artist, and the other a rookie stylist. Together, they were on the same path to building their portfolio and widening their experience. It's good practice to have a group that has your back and understands what you're going through as a newbie.

Caving in to fear and laziness is an absolute no-no for Tarish. "You won't get anywhere if you keep being scared and making excuses." It's okay to be scared but not when it stops you from pursuing a dream. Find your tribe who you can lean onto for support and advice.

Tarish Zamora

In Photo: Dagat Abre Sleeve | Photo by Gabbie De Guzman

Tarish Zamora

In Photo: Pintados Pilipinas Abre Sleeve | Photo by Gabbie De Guzman

Tarish Zamora

Photo by Gabbie De Guzman

"When you meet people, always be kind." Someone with skills and who's easy to work with will always trump a brilliant artist with zero people skills. Tarish advices remembering people's names as well because this provides a better connection with the people you'll work with.

Tarish is a living testimony that working hard, taking risks, and constantly learning will take you places. Photographs can paint a thousand words. And her story is certainly etched in every one of her works.


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Check out Tarish Zamora's online portfolio and follow her Instagram profile, @tarishzamora!

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