About Woven


Woven is a compassionate crafts company that designs hand-in-hand with Filipino artisans for the modern lifestyle.

Crafting Our Purpose

Traditional Filipino crafts are beautiful, unique, and eye-catching – but they are dying. Not for a lack of technical skills or a shortage of talent, but because of a system that works against them. Through research and immersion, we discovered that the same problems plague local artisans around the country: the inequitable distribution of wealth and the inaccessibility of certain resources, expertise, and networks. 

And so, what we started in Basey, Samar, we hope to do for other weaving communities in the Philippines: to influence change at the grassroots level and build a stronger crafts industry by building up our local artisans.

Crafting Opportunities

In line with our goal to capacitate crafts communities, we aim to level up their skills as artisans and as entrepreneurs. We do this by developing innovations in product design, management systems, and community organization. 


We envision tapping a vast network of artisan groups around the country, honing traditional skills, processes, and talents to create quality handmade products.

Great products lead to happy customers; happy customers means more widespread appreciation for traditional crafts and greater opportunities for our artisans.

Craft Your Own Journey

From the hands of weavers to yours.

Every item is a story in progress, a journey to be continued by you. We bring you all the things that make us proud to be Filipino and hopeful about our rich traditions. With each purchase, you not only help local artisans and crafts communities to survive, but thrive.


 Woven assorted handcrafted products