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The world isn't the same as the one we knew just a few weeks ago. Our priorities have shifted; we must now do what we can to take care of ourselves and our communities. People are afraid and we're all struggling with decisions and goals that just last week remained sound and certain. While things may be tough now, history has shown how resilient we humans beings are. We’ll get through this.Life will go on. As such, we will do our best to continue our mission to serve our customers and provide livelihood for our community partners. We’re keeping our website up and running so you can still browse our available items and place orders. We will also be opening pre-orders in the next...

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The WFH Survival Guide: 6 Tips for Adjusting to the New Normal

Woven Co-owner Audrey Trinidad shares some tips on how to make this work from home situation work for you and how you can stay connected while staying at home. Admit it, you’ve probably said it before: “That meeting could have been an email.”  As it turns out, now we have a golden opportunity to prove that not only can many meetings be emails, but that physical presence in the office isn’t required to get good work done. With COVID-19 containment efforts to #flattenthecurve keeping everyone indoors for the next few weeks, millions of people are trying to work from home. Continuing to work is a great way to stay occupied, but it can be challenging when you aren’t used to it. That’s...

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For the Love of Dance

Our Digital Officer, Chelsea Paterno, traveled to Basey for the first time to meet the famous banig weavers of Samar. Little did she know that their talent wasn't limited to weaving the intricate patterns on the mat. Read on to find out what she discovered during her trip to the province. Dancing is a form of expression that allows you to say and feel so much. I think everyone has done some impromptu dancing at least once in their life. If you haven't, you should give it a try - it is truly freeing. Life in a fast-paced environment can be quite demanding, so I let the music take me especially in trying times. Dancing allows me to pause - to let go...

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Beginning with Banig

By doing all these, we hope to help the communities weave a new pattern for their craft – with better market access comes more income for craftsmen and women, and with more income comes greater incentives for the young generation to take up the art of their parents.

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