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Making Waves with Photographer-Surfer Tarish Zamora

Tarish Zamora, or Trish as her friends call her, stands in the surf looking out at the vast ocean. The water flows and crashes around her. Surfers in the line-up feel the energy in the water, anticipating the next wave to ride. Suddenly, the water swells as they start to paddle out. Tarish assumes her position, digging her feet in the sand and ready to snap the magic moments of surfers riding the waves.

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Crafting Our Purpose with

Liz Cabrera of Works of Heart first laid eyes on Woven’s vibrant laptop sleeves at Roots Katipunan. The affair blossomed as Liz learned more about Woven’s story leading her to strike up a potential collaboration with Woven. This is the story of our creative collaboration with

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