7 Creative Ways to Use Your Banig Mat

The banig is no ordinary mat. With a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and shapes, this handwoven work of art is versatile enough to be used for anything from travel to interior design to any kind of creative work. What was once used traditionally for sleeping or sitting on has evolved into a real handy and multi-purpose item!

1. Frame It For All To See

A large framed banig mat in your living room makes for a “welcome” piece of art! Greet your guests with a colorful framed banig - or three - on the wall as they enter your home.

Photo by @piepadua

2. Bring a Banig on Your Travels

From sun, sand, sea, or summit, a banig is a great companion for all your adventures. Lay on a banig to keep you cool as you sunbathe on the beach. A colorful banig mat would also be a lovely addition to a picnic in the park. Some people would also bring their banigs on camping trips, using it as a sleeping mat.


3. Create a Banig Mood Board

Imagine having a colorful banig mat as the backdrop of the vision board for your goals and dreams. Pretty, right? Use thumbtacks to place photos, letters, and other paraphernalia on your mood board. Use this same idea to create a bulletin board for announcements in your classroom or office. Tack the banig mat on a cork bulletin board and post away!

4. Placeholder for Plants

Plants can breathe life and oxygen (literally) into any room. Take the green thumb vibes up a notch by using a banig as a floor mat for your household plants.

5. Lay It In Your Child’s Playroom

For babies and small children, recognizing colors is an essential building block they’ll use for learning as they grow. When designing your kids’ rooms, lay a banig mat in their rooms to splash some colors in the space.

Photo (and baby) by Macy Sy-Cadelinia

6. Spruce Up Your Living Room

Need a fun accent to liven up your spaces? No other home decor is as Filipino as the banig mat. Choose one with striking colors and it'll be sure to lend some rustic charm to your home.

Photo by Gabbie De Guzman

7. Use it as a tray

Adorn your tabletops with smaller sizes of a banig mat. This draws attention to the items on the table. Place it on coffee tables, bedside tables, dressers, and drawers. Voila, simple but captivating.


The uses of a banig mat have definitely evolved from simply being a mat for sleeping. The options are as endless as your creativity allows. Adorn your home, office, or room with this timeless symbol of Filipino artistry and ingenuity.


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