4 Tips For a More Sustainable Lifestyle from an Eco-conscious Company

Online shopping is fun, but having to deal with so much waste from packaging isn't. Over time, it all piles up. Because of that, we thought of ways we could minimize this for customers, which is why we're so glad to have found a partner in the eco-conscious company Silent Beads.

Aside from being able to support our partner artisans through the purchase of handcrafted Woven products, you can also take part with us in caring for the environment. How? Tear, plant, and wait! That's all there is to it. The Woven tags that come with our products are actually plantable seed cards that you can plant to grow your own spinach.

SILENT BEADS turns paper wastes into beautiful beads, seed papers and other crafts that grow into plants after use.

The Tandem Behind Silent Beads

Bryan and Monnick Cruz launched Silent Beads in 2009 with a love for fashion jewelry. As they expanded, they became aware of the environmental toll of the industry and the waste produced by excess materials and old pieces. This led them to shift gears and begin using eco-friendly materials. Their products are mainly plantable papers and pencils, wedding invitations, product labels and tags, and gift cards.

Image from Spark Project (@sparkprojecthq)

Challenges in Running an Eco-Friendly Enterprise

Silent Beads' biggest hurdle in running the business is raising awareness and educating customers about the advantages of eco-friendly products. Moreover, maintaining a steady supply of high-quality recycled paper and seeds can be tough at times. To tackle these problems, they have concentrated on forging solid relationships with suppliers and investing in marketing and educational efforts to reach their target market.

"Adopt small changes in our daily routines that can have a significant impact." - Bryan Cruz

When asked about their advice for the next generation, they encouraged the youth "to adopt small changes in our daily routines that can have a significant impact." According to the husband and wife team: "This might be as simple as cutting down on plastic use, recycling, and saving energy. Additionally, planting trees, backing local sustainability projects, and selecting eco-friendly products can all contribute to a greener future."

"How Can I Get Started?"

With everyone consuming so much and generating waste, it's important to be mindful of your own purchases and build habits that you can sustain long-term. Be part of communities - both online and offline - that can support you in your journey. Know why you're doing it and how committed you are to the cause.

We asked Bryan and Monnick's practical advice for those who don't know where to start, and they shared a few tips:

1. Opt for eco-friendly products whenever feasible, like those made from recycled materials or with minimal packaging.

Junk Not Handicrafts Chair Made from Upcycled Plastic Waste


Junk Not Handicrafts Box Packaging that can be a DIY Christmas Tree

Don't immediately throw things away instead think of ways on how to repurpose whatever you have. 

2. Embrace the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Aim to minimize waste by choosing reusable items and recycling those that can be.


Choose plant-based or compostable packaging and bags that customers can reuse when they are shopping or doing their errands.

3. Plant trees or support groups that do so to help counteract carbon emissions.

Image from MAD Travel (@madtravel_ph)

Start by joining a community like MAD Travel, they create fun and fulfilling experiences through purposeful travels like including tree planting as part of their tour!

4. Save energy by switching off lights and devices when not needed, using energy-efficient appliances, and decreasing water consumption.



It's something we all learned in school but we all need a gentle reminder sometimes. 


    By collaborating and making minor adjustments in our daily habits, we can all play a part in fostering a more sustainable future.

    To know more about Silent Beads, you may visit their website at https://silentbeadsph.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram with a social media handle of @silentbeadsph.

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