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For the Love of Dance

Our Digital Officer, Chelsea Paterno, traveled to Basey for the first time to meet the famous banig weavers of Samar. Little did she know that their talent wasn't limited to weaving the intricate patterns on the mat. Read on to find out what she discovered during her trip to the province. Dancing is a form of expression that allows you to say and feel so much. I think everyone has done some impromptu dancing at least once in their life. If you haven't, you should give it a try - it is truly freeing. Life in a fast-paced environment can be quite demanding, so I let the music take me especially in trying times. Dancing allows me to pause - to let go...

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The Craft of Waiting

I watch as ate Arlene slips dyed buri strips into the eye of a long, flat needle – pahot, the Waray call it – then pushes it into a sliver of space in the banig mat, where the weft and warp overlap. It takes a bit of force to get it under; for a second, I fear that the tikog leaves will break and rupture.

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