Woven From Home: How to Make Your Own Buri Bracelet

In working with crafts communities, we have been given the chance to learn lots of interesting things from our local artisans. During the last series of Woven on the Move workshops, we noticed that when the weavers were waiting in the lull hours, they were working on bracelets made from buri. Just something to pass the time and experiment on new patterns. They gladly encouraged our team to join them and of course, we were game to learn it.

So, we'd like to share with you this basic weaving tutorial. As we wait in the comfort of our homes, may we continue to be creative and let our minds wander to learning new things!

Since you probably don't have buri strips lying around at home, you can use colored paper or strips cut from magazines/scratch paper. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it:

2 strips of thin paper (0.5cm in width), a pair of scissors, and ruler for measurement

You will need:
- 2 strips of thin paper
- A pair of scissors
- Ruler for measuring (Strips should be 0.5 cm in width, length may vary depending on how long you want it)

    Part I: How to Start 

    1. Put one strip over the other, making an 'X' in the middle

    2. Wrap one strip (Purple will be Strip 1) over the other one (Blue will be the Strip 2), forming a V.

    3. From the right, fold Strip 2 over Strip 1 and then slip it underneath, creating the beginnings of your weave.

    4. Pull and press to tighten and flatten the paper

    5. Flip it the whole thing so that the loose ends are facing away from you. In effect, you now have four strips to continue the weave (two each from Strips 1 and 2). Let's label them A, B, C, and D from left to right.

    Part II: Pattern Process

    1. Get D, the rightmost strip.

    2. Transfer to the left side and fold between A and B.

    3. Now take A, the leftmost strip, and bring it between B and C.

    4. Pull and press to tighten and flatten the paper 

    Part III: Weaving

    1. From here, we again grab the rightmost strip.

    2. Twist and fold to lay flat on top of the strip beside it.

    4. Fold middle strip to the front like the picture above.

    5. Take the leftmost strip, then twist and fold it towards the right.

    6. Remember the middle strip you folded down? Flip it right back up. 

    7. Press to tighten and flatten the paper

    8. Repeat the process until your desired length or until the strips of paper run out.

    9. Fold ends by inserting them in the spaces


    Some Ideas on Where to Use It

    As a bookmark, journal decoration, can be turned into a bracelet (use clips/clasps - feel free to experiment)

    It truly is amazing how we come up with different ways to help ourselves and one another in times of crisis. Learning from our weavers, sometimes slowing down gives us the opportunity to come up with the most creative ideas. It gives us the opportunity to explore what has not been explored before which leads to new discoveries and exercises our ability to bring ideas to life.

    A testament to the incredible tenacity  of the human spirit and our ability to adapt with creativity - Suleika Jaouad of Life, Interrupted

    Hoping this helped spread some positivity while we're all in quarantine. Feel free to share your creations and tag us on our socials (@woven.ph) #WovenFromHome #FlattenTheCurve

    For more info about COVID-19 and ways you can help, kindly check out these links:
    1. Guidelines: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
    2. Donation efforts: http://helpfromhome.ph/

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